In all honesty I didn't really want to have to do this! I would much rather you were paying me for my music straight out! But as it's hardly even getting heard anywhere never mind selling I've decided to make it all £ree for a while and ask you “nicely”, if you're enjoying my music, to kindly make a donation please! And if you're a “real” fan then why not sign up to Patreon and sponsor me?

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I must have over 300 original songs out there somewhere and I can see myself growing as an artist in each one. I can see the progress in how I've learned not only to write, sing and play better but also how to assemble the whole package - recording the songs, planning the albums, designing the artwork and getting the videos made etc. It's all been self financed of course as my heart, soul and every penny I've ever made has gone back into making this music!

I've always believed! There always was, and always will be, this faith that if I deliver good work it will reap its rewards (both recognition and financial!). I've felt for a while now that artistically I am delivering the kind of product that many years ago I'd originally set out to create and, even though I'll never stop growing and reaching for new goals, the struggle now seems as much in getting my work heard and finding that bigger audience that I feel it deserves.

I guess the whole way we listen to and access music has changed so much. My first releases were on Cassette tapes and then came CD's, both of which the mp3 generation, iTunes, spotify etc. has pretty much made redundant. The question now though is how the “Artist” is supposed to make any money for his work and perhaps this is more relevant than ever. Hence this “experiment” in giving it away for £ree and asking for donations... Thank you for your support.. Please give generously... Mark”

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