Singer/Songwriter Mark Handley is happy to embrace all styles of music, though Rock, Reggae and Acoustic Roots are certainly amongst his favourites! He has a natural “feel” for a rhythm and the uncanny ability to find and write a song in any situation or on any subject. These are “real” songs with great lyrics and hooks that will have you singing along by the second chorus.... as well as getting your toes a tappin! (of course!)
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Whether performing solo or with his band “The Bone Idols”, playing a pub, club, festival, concert hall or just busking on the high street hardly seems to matter to Mark as he always puts everything into his performance. He knows how to entertain an audience and his energy and passion are sure to leave an impression on all those who have seen and heard him play.
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Quite how Mark’s music remains so unknown to the World is a mystery. He is certainly a Troubadour, a true Artist putting his heart, soul and every penny he has ever made back into his music producing many fine Albums available online, via his website and wherever he is playing live. His following maybe small but the word is spreading and those who do check out his music usually come back for more.

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